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GE at a glance

A tiny little term, that can mean so much ! What we are offering here, is hard to beat …

Transparent pricing has been on top of our list ever since, as we don´t want to fool you with hidden costs, just to look cheap at first sight (call it the GE-all-inclusive-concept) …

… so here is, what you´ll get for your money:

• 2 weeks of desert-rally from Genoa, through Tunisia, back to Genoa
• perfectly made-up tracks and roadbooks
• tightly organized motorsports
• prompt and transparent rankings
• big orga-team for individual support
• “emergency-exits” on difficult dune-tracks

• challenge-class for Rookies
• dune driving school

• ferry-passage for vehicle
• perfectly prepared customs-formalities for entry to / exit from Tunisia

• 4 hotel-nights, double-room, half-board
• 2 hotel-nights, double-room, all-inclusive
• 2 camp-nights, tent with double-bed, half-board
• sanitary facilities (showers, toilets) in the camps
• lunch-pack as day-meals on the stages
• emergeny meal-pack

• 2 nights GE-all-inclusive-desertcamp with our party-truck „Blue Menace”

• provision of 1 satellite-phone per team (service-teams included)
• luggage- / spareparts-transport in our standard-box

• provision of fuel in the desert-camps
• provision of technical assistance

• sweeper truck for vehicle´s and person´s recovery
• medical team
• physio team

• navigation-class
• first-aid-class

• tour operator liability insurance / client´s cash surety against insolvency
• motorsports liability insurance for race cars on the special stages

GE at a glance


Prerunner Magazine 2014

Now available: PRERUNNER Magazine 2014. Now also available as PDF-Download.


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