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Thank you so much to let me accompany you on the GRAND ERG. This was a perfectly organized event, all my respect!  If the “Optic-2000” wasn't there, the GRAND ERG would be the tunisian rallye for the FIA-calendar!

Uwe Hevert, Dakar-proved Journalist


It started with an excellent roadbook, continues with technical, medical and whatever all-inclusive-support and ends with an organiser, who is always caring for and listening to his participants, supported by his highly motivated team. Please send me the application-forms for next year as soon as possible!

Michael Nussbaum (Team 100)

For sure it is an adventure - and for sure the adventure fees really safe! Everybody was always in good hands. Due to sat-phone- and radio-communication, all organisation-teams were always effectively informed and capable of reacting to whatever came their way.

Michael Biesek (Team 909)


Not even the "Rally Dakar" dares to enter that challenging terrain.

Udo Neumann (Team 913)


... and i am not just obviously satisfied, i am totally excited by the rally GRAND ERG.

Matthias Koerber (Team 200)



Ulrich Jaeger

"A perfect organisation, top roadbooks, fantastic people all around me. It is a MUST to come back!"

Ulrich Jäger
Team 201



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