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GRAND ERG und Dirk von Zitzewitz 

GE 2010 latest

Dirk von Zitzewitz and the GRAND ERG are inviting to the motorbike-adventure of the year, called the GE-Moto-Challenge 2010!


Just in time with the result of our rally-voting we let the cat out of the bag:

Dirk von Zitzewitz and the GRAND ERG are inviting to the motorbike-adventure of the year, called the GE-Moto-Challenge 2010!!!

As for years now everybody is asking us to allow bikes on the GRAND ERG, we haven´t been sleeping but racked our brains in the closet and this is what came out:

The decision is not easy at all, as we had our reasons to organize the GE from the beginning as a desert-rally purely for cars and trucks. And in the same manner, we didn´t want to make a quick and easy choice in the last weeks and months. Everybody involved is aware, that motorbikes in a timed race are taking much highers risks than 4-wheelers and would change the look of the GE deeply (which is not meant in a negative way).

As the participants´ safety is our main focus ever since and we always managed to achieve a perfect balance between tough motorsports and little risks (still the GE is the africa-rally with the longest and most challenging special-stages), here is the crux of the matter:

The organizing committee agreed, that this kind of plan needs a competent partner, who we found quite easily with DIRK VON ZITZEWITZ (YES, the current DAKAR-WINNER !!!) (just a brief comment: it looks like, our good reputation precedes us, as we didn´t really have to convince him)

But sitting together we found out, that you shouldn´t do the second step before the first, as the new tasks coming with racing motorbikes are way too complex to try and resolve them jumping in at the deep end. Even if most of this can be handled with detailed planning and scheduling, some uncertainties remain (to only name one of the multiple examples: "tracking": there is, up to now, no system on the market, which would be affordable for a amateur-rally and the only possible alternative is only tested for the first time in october). And as we never made promises, that we can´t keep, we decided on a version, which is as interesting:


So from now on: enjoy your anticipation, the 2-wheelers too, we´ll keep you updated,

Dirk von Zitzewitz + Joerg Russler (+ Co.)



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