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GE 2010 latest

Announcement, regulations and online-application are acitvated !!!


Dear rally-friends,
dear repeaters,
dear newcomers
(and all those, who want to become one of the above mentioned),

after weeks of most intensive destilling the output of our reco, finally the time has come: announcement, regulations and online-application are acitvated !!! (of course available in English and German)

A brief summary of what´s new or has changed from 2009:

  • The rally will be held for 10 days (as the result of our online-voting), meaning 9 full special-stages plus prologue.
  • The GE-2010 will cover about 1700 km special-stages !!!
  • The GE-2010 will, once again, lead you into the most southernly end of Tunisia, down to Tiaret and Borj el Khadra.
  • Due to the big attention to the Borossi-buggy-team, taking part in the Erg Oriental, the regulations were extended to cover these vehicles.
  • As we managed to get the current Dakar-winner, Dirk von Zitzewitz, into our team, the GE will, for the first time in 2010, offer a challenge-class for motorbikes (and, if there is interest, of course a touristic motorbike-tour as well) !!!

We are looking forward to getting high traffic on our website and are open for any of your questions by email or telephone +49-9333-902206.

In anticipation,
Joerg + Co.

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