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GE 2010 latest

Reco for rally 2010 starts today


After 8 weeks of most intensive pre-planning for the selection of stages, their coordination with the Tunisian authorities as well as with German and Austrian embassy, application for the necessary permits (military zones etc.) and organising the referring logistics, today the reconaissance for the GRAND ERG 2010 starts: Departure to Genoa, where we´ll board the ferry to Tunis tomorrow.

What we are packed with:

  • 1439 waypoints for all timed stages as well as service- and rescue-routes
  • approx. 1800 km of scheduled timed stages
  • 10 vehicles / 20 persons, split up into 3 teams
  • 2 escorts from the Tunisian "garde nationale"
  • about 400 pages of maps, routes-schedules, roadbook-forms etc. per team
  • lots of cheerfulness and desire for saaaaaaand!!!

As always the slogan is "good planning is half the job" and therefore we are confident, that our reconaissance will be a total success and we´ll bring back a stuuuuuuunning rallye for you after the next 2 weeks.

The fully motivated reco team:

Team 800 Eki Schönleiter und Frank Hilla
Team 801 Tobias Teichmann und Bernadette Binder
Team 802 Hans-Jürgen Werner und Pia Fenrich
Team 803 Harald Wurmbrand und Stefan Weckesser
Team 804 Volker und Marion Kasten
Team 805 Hans-Joachim Przykop und Karl-Heinz Striegel
Team 900 Jörg und Anja Russler
Team 901 Klaus Malzer und Christine Hartwig
Team 902 Paul Kraut und Uwe Essel
Team 903 Karl Schreck und Kurt Gohlke


best regards,
Jörg + Co.

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