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GE 2010 latest

Reco 2010 highly successful


Germany's autumn has got us back and we've got lots of thanks-giving-harvest in our baggage from an absolutely stunning reconaissance in Tunisia:

Let's start with the end: YES, the ferry-passage back from Tunis to Genoa was delayed and continued being very interesting ... Although the vessel was loaded and ready for departure on time on friday (23rd oct) around 15:00, the captain decided to stay moored in the harbour due to a hurricane over the Mediterranean, which showed up with wind-speeds up to 180 kph over the open sea and even 100 kph right behind the harbour. Finally we left Tunis behind us on Saturday morning at 07:00, but you can imagine (or maybe don't want to imagine), how the sea looks and feels after such a storm. To cut a long story short: the board-restaurant was not really full and there was lots of food for the few who dared ...

But back to our original subject: Stunning reconnaisance, mind-blowing stages, WATCH OUT FOR THE RALLY!!!

All our 4 reco-teams (20 persons over all) worked together like a swiss watch, all timed stages, service- and emergency-routes were scouted as planned and even the Tunisian army-escorts (which are compulsory for tours going that far south since 2 years) were extremely cooperative and helpful.

A brief summary of our output:

  • 10 day's stages, thereof 9 special stages,
  • approx. 2800 km overall,
  • thereof approx. 1700 km special stages
    (this is, what i call a sporty proportion!!!)
  • And all of this caught in about 1300 roadbook-pictures and spiced with
  • 5 first-class hotels and
  • 2 stunning locations for the desert-camps.

The big dunes á la Libya in the South between Tiaret and Borj el Khadra were (as expected) easy to drive (or better "to surf"), but the sand between Zmela and Tembaine was really challenging.

As compensation we also found quite some kilometers of tracks, which will absolutely satisfy all of you: the ones who like to navigate and the ones who like to speed.

Below the line, once again a perfect profile through everything, that Tunisia has got to offer. And that´s how it´s meant to be!

I think, in about 2 weeks we´ll have announcement, regulations and application-forms online, you'll be informed anyway.

Furthermore we'll put a little reco-photo-gallery online, which will as well not be a secret.


SO: watch out for the GE-2010
Joerg + Co.

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