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GE 2010 latest

A brief update


Dear rally-friends,

we are proud to give you a brief update with several good news on our way to the GE-2010 (which is not too far away any more):

With a list of more than 160 persons and 27 teams in timed race and challenge, the GRAND ERG is set up better than ever and is about to be the biggest German africa rally of 2010. We are honoured by this huge interest and are looking forward to a thrilling competition.

6 journalist-teams with representatives from press and TV will join the event and make sure, that we really cannot hide (which we don´t want to).

2 sweeper-trucks, 5 service-trucks and a 15-member medical- team will take good care of safety and wellbeing of man and machine, 70 organisation-members will (as always) make sure, the event runs as smooth as a clock!

The "infocenter 2010" is online now (see button on homepage). Here we present all the teams and it will be the platform, where we´ll publish all results during the event on a daily basis.


One name, which is well-known in the rally-scene is well impressed by the above-mentioned numbers as well: WE WELCOME GENERAL TIRE AS A NEW SPONSOR to support medical- and organisation-teams and are really proud about this powerful partner!!!

With this in mind: see you in Tunisia,

Joerg Russler
on behalf of the entire GE-team.



Infocenter 10

All teams, all results of the rally 2010. Visit our infocenter with daily updates during the race!


Race magazine 2010

Daily updated via satellite: the race live in our Flash magazine. All stages, interviews and more. To view the magazine you'll need the Flash plugin for your browser.


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