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GE 2010 latest

The result of our voting


Oh wonder-world of democracy, our government in berlin will envy us for this clear vote:

More than 100 rally-freaks have voted and settled for OPTION C ("the happy medium") with a clear majority (almost 50%).

This means, the rally-planning will commence as follows:

  • departure from Genoa by ferry on a saturday
  • then prologue + 8 special stages
  • NO rest-day
  • award-ceremony in Nabeul on a tuesday
  • departure from Tunis to Marseille on wednesday
  • or optional extension-programme up to friday and then
    ferry to Genoa

This results in the following leave-planning-options:

a) 9 days of leave incl. ferry-passages (mo-fr + mo-thu)
b) 10 days of leave incl. optional extension (mo-fr + mo-fr)
c) 7 days of leave with plane-travel to/from Tunis (mo-fr + mo-tue)

The rally-date is facing changes as well (due to circumstances which are out of our hands): The GE-2010 is now scheduled for the last week in April and the first week in May.

And to stick with the language of democracy: We gladly accept the task, herewith given to us by the voters, and will make up a fantastic rally for you !!!

Keep well,
Jörg + Co.



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