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2012 latest

Announcement, regluations and online-application for the GRAND ERG 2012 are online.


Dear rally-friends,
Dear repeaters,
Dear newcomers
(and all those, who want to become one of the above mentioned),

after weeks of most intensive reviewing finally the time has come: announcement, regulations and online-application for the GRAND ERG 2012 are online.


  • The rally will cover 10 days, thus challenging you over 9 special stages plus prologue with a well-balanced mix of HIGHSPEED and SAAAAAAND
  • We offer you the participation in the following timed categories:
    T1 / T2 = cars
    T4 = trucks
    T5 = lightweight buggies / side-by-sides
  • As in previous years, we´ll make up a separate classification for CLASSIC VEHICLES through all the above mentioned categories
  • The CHALLENGE-CLASS (for new-bees, for "want-to-try-first"s) with reduced
    vehicle-regulations will again part of the event, too.
  • And we´ll again offer the option, to add 2 relaxing-days in the "club Aldiana" with
    all-inclusive-catering, etc.


Of course we´ll be coming up with some innovations, gags, gimmicks, etc. for 2012, which only have to be wrapped properly (what about some support for "new blood"?) and which will be presented to you over the next weeks ...

... and this chapter will (again) as well cover the subject "touristic class".

We are looking forward to getting high traffic on our website and are open for any of your qestions by email or telephone +49-9333-902206.


In anticipation,
Joerg + Co.



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Infocenter 2012

All teams, all results of the rally 2012. Visit our infocenter with daily updates during the race!


Race magazine 2012

Daily updated via satellite: the race live in our Flash magazine. All stages, interviews and more. To view the magazine you'll need the Flash plugin for your browser.


Touristic trip
around the rally

Begleitreise zur Rallye

For all of those, who want to take a deep breath of rally- and desert-air, without having to rush, having to wear a helmet. We offer the chance to accompany the event in a touristic group. Besides the "classic" destinations like the souk in Douz, the oasis of Ksar Ghilane or the star wars-site in Nefta, we offer visits to or even onto the race-track. Join our stewards on the special stages and experience the high-tech-racers in action!

For more information about the touristic programme, please contact Walter Schneider:



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