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2014 Latest

Back from the scouting


2 hot weeks are lying behind us (in both meanings: weather- AND offroad-wise),
but the efforts were worth it !!!

We must admit, even the GE-orga is not invulnerable, but there´s always a way out:

  • a halfshaft-delivery from Douz into the dunes between Sabria and parc J´Bil
  • a diff-delivery from Douz into the dunes between Zmela and "lost lake"
  • a shock-amputation somewhere in the outback
  • 80 km driving with no brakes on a land rover (don´t call it a hand-brake !!!)

But while the paused teams searched for shade underneath their wounded cars, the rest of the clockwork kept on running as planned AND HAS HARVESTED SOME REAL DELICACIES FOR THE GRAND ERG 2014.

At the end of the day, we can confirm, that the "normal" sands between Douz, Ksar Ghilane, parc J´Bil, Tembaine and the "lost lake" were really enjoyable to drive. But SABRIA has lost really nothing of it´s scary reputation. On some passages we
managed to do 1 km in 1 hour, no matter which car, no matter which driver.

... cos when the FechFech starts popping up it´s invisible holes, there´s only shovel and sandboard left to help !!! (see photo below).

Fech Fech

Next steps are:

  • sorting the photos of our scouting-tour
  • destilling racetracks and roadbooks

See you,
in sandy anticipation,
Joerg + Co.

P.S.: YES, the planned 2-day-stage will be there, YEAH!!!


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For all of those, who want to take a deep breath of rally- and desert-air, without having to rush, having to wear a helmet. We offer the chance to accompany the event in a touristic group. Besides the "classic" destinations like the souk in Douz, the oasis of Ksar Ghilane or the star wars-site in Nefta, we offer visits to or even onto the race-track. Join our stewards on the special stages and experience the high-tech-racers in action!

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